Homing is an infinite runner where you need to take cover and avoid homing missiles using your self-balancing personal transportation device. The game has several types of obstacles and it supports local multiplayer for people who prefer to avoid homing missiles with their friends.

We came up with the idea and developed the first version at Global Game Jam 2019. The theme of the jam was Home. We found some interesting definitions of what home means on the internet, but we couldn’t find good mechanics that would go with them (that we could implement over one weekend). Out final interpretation of the theme was quite broad, on the other hand, at the end of the game jam, we had a demo that was fun to play.

The global game jam version had the basic game mechanics, but we felt that we could push the game further. We continued working on the game even after the game, and added more features like the local multiplayer mode, added new obstacle type, fixed rendering for ultrawide screens and more. Now the game feels mostly complete - we could add more of everything, but none of these would be fundamental changes to the gameplay.

We released Homing more than fifteen years after our last game, but we had just as much fun making it. Or maybe even more - all the experience we got through the years paid off and turned into a lot smoother process. We’re looking forward to making more such games in the future - and we hope it won’t take another 15 years.

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