About us

We are a game development team based in the Czech Republic. We’re making our games for fun and in our free time, which allows us to release most of them for free. And while our day jobs are design and coding, we do not consider ourselves professional game developers.

Team members


It all started on one Wednesday evening, a couple of minutes after a volleyball session, around the year 2000. Tom has just started messing around with computer graphics. Ondra finally started understanding how C++ works. Being the collaborative people we are, we immediately founded the team and started coming up with game concepts.

The first planned game was Projekt 5410. We had lots of great ideas for the game, but with our lack of experience and bad planning, we never got to finish it. And we created a few smaller games on the side. Most were just small experiments, but some got distributed on freeware portals and on CD supplements to Czech computer and game magazines. You can see most of them on the project page.

By the end of 2005, we took a break from games and moved on to other things. We left Projekt 5410 unfinished, but we never really canceled it and kept thinking that we might get back to it once.

In 2019, long fifteen years after publishing our last game, we got back together during Global Game Jam and created Homing, a short game about avoiding homing missiles. And we realized that there are still some games to be made. Expect to hear from us again in the future.