Keep It Undead

Keep It Undead is a puzzle/strategy game where you need to make sure that the zombie apocalypse virus survives even as people heal. The Ludum Dare version has five levels, each with a unique puzzle based on a new game mechanic. We developed the game with our long-time friend PCMaster.

The first version of the game was created over a weekend (and the following Monday) for Ludum Dare 46. The topic of this jam was “Keep It Alive”. For some reasons, this inspired us to think about a tower defense game. Given the state of the world in April 2020, zombie apocalypse was an obvious theme too.

As we were discussing the idea, we converted to a reverse tower defense because we really liked the idea of directing zombies to take over the guard posts. And after building a prototype and the first levels, the puzzle-style gameplay actually felt good, and we never got to adding those towers.

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